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nurturing babies skin, naturally

effective plant-based ingredients for the most delicate of skin

our capabilities

We pride ourselves on developing unique formulations and products specific to
customer needs.

We have capabilities to produce both hot and cold liquid fill products as well as wipes, cotton and hardline accessories, all in an array of packaging formats including gifting options.

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gentle on delicate skin

We know how delicate babies skin is, which is why we independently test our baby range.

plant based wipes

All our wipes are made from sustainable plant based fibre & contain no plastic.

naturally derived formulations

Harnessing the power of naturally derived ingredients to create vegan friendly products.

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m&s little smiles

a carefully curated premium range of private label baby care products which are suitable from newborn

“ingredients to calm & nurture babies’ delicate skin”

Together with M&S, Solent have developed the Little Smiles plant-based range with specially selected ingredients to calm and nurture babies’ delicate skin. Across 11 products, we have developed gentle formulations expertly combined with nutrient-rich Aloe Vera and soothing Chamomile flower water.

Our creams and shampoo are designed to hydrate and calm babies’ skin whilst our body lotion with Vitamin E promotes soft, smooth skin. We only use 100% pure cotton across our pads, pleats and buds and also offer fragrance free wipes and body wash for those with sensitive skin. Our cruelty free ingredients mean you can look after your babies delicate skin whilst maintaining high ethical standards.

vitamin E for
soft & smooth skin
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