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Solent Metal Detecting Club   

To access the members only information go to the Solent metal detecting club Facebook page.


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Before attending any club dig, all members should refer to the members-only Facebook page. for the latest news on farm digs and field availability.       

The Solent Metal Detecting Club was formed in April 1983 by a group of metal detecting enthusiasts. We meet once a month.  These meetings are largely informal. A raffle is held during each meeting to help with club funding. We arrange occasional talks by visiting speakers on a variety of subjects. A Finds Liaison Officer attends at regular intervals to record finds for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. All our members are required to be a member of the Federation Of Independent Detectorists (FID) or the The National Council for Metal Detecting ( NCMD ). The club is based in Waterlooville         ( click here for map and details ) and has a number of areas of land locally where we have permission to search. The club supports the Rosemary Foundation  which is a registered charity. We make donations from funds raised by charging our members 4 each time they search an area of land.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our club,  please read the information on the Membership page.

Should you be interested in becoming a member of Solent Metal Detecting Club you can find out how by selecting membership on the menu bar above.


   Wanted, - land to search

 In 1975 a lady weeding the rockery at her home in Devon found a small silver coin that turned out to be a rare Roman coin of the first century BC. A museum, paid 25000 for the coin - a lot of money in those days.........

Any land, from large farm to a small garden is worth a search to uncover any possible historic artefacts lost items or even valuable treasure that may be there just under the soil surface. The normally accepted agreement is that the finder and the landowner share, on a 50/50 basis, any proceeds resulting from a search. If you are interested in the history of your property, or would like to know if anything valuable is hidden just below the surface on your land, contact this web site. Note:- it is normal practice to have a simple written agreement, signed by both parties, defining the terms of the search permission.  For an example, see the 'Where?' (to detect) page.

       Do you support a charity? Would you like some income from your land?  Any land, from a small garden to a whole farm can be a source of income. Your plot of land could be holding interesting historic objects or valuable items. We could find them and you, or the charity that you support, could benefit. We could rescue historic artefacts that can be preserved and studied in a museum rather than corroding to nothing under the ground. Get in touch by email, or by using our text entry form on the CONTACT page of this web site.


Lost something ?

If you have lost an item of jewellery, keys, etc we may be able to help. Click here for more details.


    Please inform me of future club events, or other events of interest to members,  so that they can be advertised on this web site.

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