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Solent Metal Detecting Club

Rosemary Foundation


The club supports the Rosemary Foundation, a charity which provides a hospice within the home. Donations are raised through various club activities, notably the fee paid by members for a days searching on the clubs farms.




   To read the latest Rosemary Foundation Newsletter on-line, click on this link.

    -  and then click on the newsletter.


                                                The Solent Metal Detecting Club presenting a cheque for 500 to The Rosemary Foundation

 at their Christmas Fayre at East Meon on the 28th November 2015


      On Saturday the 5th of April 2014, five members of the club committee attended the Rosemary Foundation Craft Fayre at the village hall in East Meon and presented a cheque for 500 to the Rosemary Foundation. The photo below shows the Club Chairman presenting the cheque to members of the Rosemary Foundation staff.


   Club donation to the Rosemary Foundation.

On the 9th of May 2013, a cheque for 500 was presented,  by our treasurer,  to the Rosemary Foundation, on behalf of the club. The photo below was taken at the time. The Rosemary Foundation has been sent this photo and will, hopefully, include it in their next newsletter. As always when making a donation to the Rosemary Foundation, they were reminded that if they can arrange for us to have land on which to detect they will receive additional donations as a result.



         A cheque for 500 is presented to the Rosemary foundation at the 2011 Christmas Bazaar.


A cheque for 500 is presented to the Rosemary Foundation.

On the 20th of March 2010 at the Rosemary Foundation Easter Bazaar a donation of 500 was made to the charity.





An example from our history files :-

East Meon Fete June 2000. A 500 cheque being donated to the Rosemary Trust.