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Solent Metal Detecting Club

Notice Board

                        You  may make use of this notice board for posting For Sale, Events or other notices. Email using the address given on the Contacts page. Notices  will be posted for one month ( or longer on request ) or until the owner requests its removal.



For news of further donations to the Rosemary Foundation Hospice at Home charity go to





With the support of all the detecting club members this

 year, today we were delighted to hand over a donation of

 £1750 to The Rosemary Foundation Hospice at Home, a

 charity the club has supported for many years, at their

 Christmas Fayre.  24th November 2018







                                                   10% off for club members at Andys Army Surplus in Portsmouth.



Clanfield and Horndean Directory




Meon Valley News report



                                  A few photos from the presentation at the Rosemary Foundation Christmas Fayre Saturday 25th November 2017





 Mobile Museum query
From Ben Welbourne (ben_welbourne@hotmail.co.uk)Add contact
Date Thu 23:21

I'm writing to see if any of your members would be kind enough to help our Mobile Museum project. We have a handling collection of artefacts and we visit local schools, retirement homes and mental health groups.
We're looking for donations of things that might have been sat in a box for years without use, old Pot shards, low-quality coins etc that we can use for handling with our displays. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and period very useful. Our website is below for your information:


Many thanks and kind regards,






A donation of £500 was made to the Rosemary Foundation at the Christmas Fayre on the 28th November.

The photo shows the Chairman and the Treasurer handing over the cheque.



                            Supporting the new PAS, see    https://www.justgiving.com/finds/



To: solentmdc@hotmail.com

Dear All
I am writing further to our inaugural metal detector find auction – the auction, entitled ‘What Lies Beneath, A Treasure Hunting Sale’, to be held at our Auction Centre in front of an audience, will also be open to live bidding via our internet host, www.the-saleroom.com. We are currently looking for entries, and would like to offer you and your fellow detecting enthusiasts the opportunity to be involved by consigning finds. If I may, I would like to come along to one of your meetings, to advise your members of our services, and perhaps conduct a valuation session, and to invite entries from your collectors.

My great passion for antiques grew from searching my parents fields with a metal detector at the age of eight – the ethos behind my business stems from the question I ask of all the items finding their way to me, but seems particularly apt with regard to metal detective finds, which is ‘if these items could talk what could they tell us?’.

I have been fortunate to be involved with several BBC television programmes, Bargain Hunt, Flog It and Antiques Roadtrip, enabling my company to reach a wide audience, which in turn means we can educate the public on such an intriguing and fruitful subject.

With such public interest in the recently discovered hauls, I feel now is the time, across the rich fertile soils of Britain, to hold a sale specialising in such items, and I hope such an opportunity of sale may be of interest to you and your fellow members and subscribers.

Do please get in touch, either by phone on 01283 733988, by email at charleshanson@hansonsauctioneers.co.uk, or by post to Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd, Heage Lane, Etwall, Derbyshire, DE65 6LS.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes

Charles Hanson MRICS



  Here are the contact details for our FLO, Katie.

Katie Hinds
Hampshire Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Hampshire Cultural Trust
Chilcomb House
Chilcomb Lane
SO23 8RD

Email:- katie.hinds@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk

Tel. 01962 678180

NB: If you want want to find us using a sat nav, please use the postcode SO23 8RB


From :- Allison Price

To: Solent Metal Detecting Club

     On behalf of The Rosemary Foundation I am writing to thank you and the members of the Solent Metal Detecting Club for your very kind and generous donation of £500 at our Christmas Fayre on 29th November.

     The money that you have donated will help our patients and their families in the local community. Your donation enables the nurses of The Rosemary Foundation to continue with their vital work; thank you all for your kindness in helping to make this work possible.

     We are indeed so fortunate to have the constant support from your Club.

     From all of us, our grateful thanks and very best wishes

Yours sincerely

Allison Price


FID membership

  The new FID website is at  http://www.fid.org.uk     

This website provides instructions for applying for membership or renewing you existing membership.

Payment will be by PayPal only.

If you have to apply by post the website provides instructions as follows:-

Membership Renewal POSTAL ONLY
This form is only valid until 1st April 2015
If your membership is not renewed before this time you will have to pay the full joining fee again.
Please use this form if you wish to renew your membership via post with either a cheque, cash or postal order.
If you wish to renew via the internet then click the Internet Renewal Application on your left.
Please Read the Following Carefully
Please fill in the form below, when complete PRINT OFF (by highlighting the form and printing on your own computer) and send together with 3 second class stamps and a cheque or postal order for £4.50 this should be made out to FID.
27 Webb Road
Please make sure you include stamps otherwise your membership insurance card will not be returned.



     The following modification of the arm rest on a Minelab E-Trac may be of interest to members and others.

                                  Click here for a description of the modification.


For details of a useful accessory to the E-Trac to reduce fatigue CLICK HERE.



If you use a C-scope CS4PI metal detector you might like to take a look at the book by Peter Jaggs.

Discovering Metal Detecting on a Thailand Beach by Peter Jaggs (17 Mar 2011)

£3.20Kindle Edition


If you use a Minelab Excalibur metal detector you might like to take a look at the book by Peter Jaggs.

Minelab Excalibur Diary - From Trash to Treasure by Peter Jaggs (3 Jun 2013)

£2.71Kindle Edition



The first book, where the use of the CS4PI on a beach in Thailand, is the more interesting of the two as it gives a lot of background narrative. The follow-on where the Minlab Excalibur is used is mostly limited to the diary of finds.


Those club members who are also members of FID will have seen the following article in the FID bulletin.


Our new Finds Liaison Officer.

 Katie Hinds, former Wiltshire FLO.


Welcome to Katie Hinds who has started today as the Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Hampshire, and is based in our office.


Some background information about Katie, gleaned from the Internet,-

Katie Hinds
Role: Finds Liaison Assistant

Katie has been with the Scheme since 1999, working first as a volunteer with the Hampshire FLO and then as
Norfolk Finds Liaison Officer till 2003, and now as the Wiltshire Finds Liaison Officer. Prior to this she studied
Classical Studies before undertaking a Masters degree in Classical Archaeology at Liverpool University. Katie is
especially interested in Bronze Age metalwork.

Hampshire Finds Liaison Officer
Katie Hinds

Hampshire Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Hampshire Cultural Trust
Chilcomb House
Chilcomb Lane
SO23 8RD

Email:- katie.hinds@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk

Tel. 01962 678180


                Successful recovery of a valuable item.             

Early in April this year one of our members responded to a request from a member of the public for help in recovering a valuable item that had been lost. The member managed to recover the item. As a gesture of gratitude for this help, the owner sent a  donation to our charity, the Rosemary Foundation.

             The club have received the following email from the Rosemary Foundation thanking the club, and in particular, the detectorist involved, for the donation.

To the Solent Metal Detecting Club.             

                                     On behalf of The Rosemary Foundation I am e mailing to thank your club, and particularly  the club member, for his work, for the very generous donation that we have received following the recovery of a valuable item that had been lost.
We are so grateful to you all for your wonderful support for our charity. Many thanks from all of us.
With best wishes
Allison Price
Volunteer Administrator
The Rosemary Foundation




Thank you 09/12/2011

From: Allison Price (tx@rosemary-foundation.org.uk)
Sent: 09 December 2011 14:18:51
To: Solent Metal Detecting Club.

To the Secretary, -

On behalf of The Rosemary Foundation I am emailing to say a huge thank you to the Solent Metal Detecting Club for your exceedingly generous donation of £500.

We are so grateful for your on-going support for The Rosemary Foundation. It is only with help such as yours that our nurses can continue caring for people within their own home as life draws to a close. Thank you all for your kindness in helping to make this possible.

With our best wishes

Yours sincerely

Allison Price
Volunteer Administrator
The Rosemary Foundation



An important warning to detectorists !

       Imagine you have had a good day detecting on the farm, - where you have permission to detect. You have, in your pocket, a few hammered coins, an old ring, and some other interesting odds and ends that you have found.  You call it a day and start out back along the footpath to where you parked your car. You leave your own farm and you are on the footpath through a neighbouring farm, carrying you detector and, perhaps, still wearing you headphones, possibly even trowel in hand. Suddenly you are confronted by an angry landowner who, quite rightly, is furious at having caught a detectorist on his land. Perhaps he has had nighthawkers on his land and, at last, he has caught a detectorist in his fields. You, however innocent you feel, are in deep trouble.  In the eyes of the law you are 'going equipped to steal' and have been caught red-handed.

     A hypothetical scenario?  Unfortunately, no!  You might feel safer as a member of a club. But what can your club do on your behalf ? Go to the landowner with a grovelling apology and explain what happened, and hope that he believes you and takes the matter no further?

     Be warned, being on private land in possession of a detector, without permission, can result in serious repercussions that affect not only you, but the whole detecting fraternity.  The next time you are out and about with your detector, whether walking to the beach or making for your farm where you have permission, consider whether you will find yourself walking across private land, detector in hand. Such a simple mistake, but it could have dire consequences. Walking across the countryside with your detector over your shoulder is to invite serious trouble. Don't do it! This is a warning, not only for our club members, but to all detectorists. Be aware!  

       And, while on the subject, footpaths are just a legal right of way to enable you to get from A to B across private land. They are not public land and should not be detected on without permission of the landowner. This is also true for river banks and canal towpaths.

  If you have any opinions or comments on this ( or any other detecting issues ) you can air them live on this web site by going to the Forum page and clicking on Guestbook/forum link, then clicking on the Forum box and selecting 'New Entry'


Metal Detecting Hobby Talk  

The Metal Detecting Hobby Talk - MDHTALK News Brief is emailed monthly to over 450 metal detecting and prospecting clubs, across the U.S., Canada and England plus 300 businesses in the U.S. There is a U.K. news page on the site plus this month the MDHTALK HOME page feature article is how to prepare for metal detecting tip to England. I hope you will take the time to visit the site and give MDHTALK some feedback. The MDHTALK website is: http://www.mdhtalk.org

For some interesting UK news, click on the link http://www.mdhtalk.org, wait for the site to load,  - on the NEWS page go to Hobby News and click on 'Hobby news Page 3: UK and European News'.

 Can you help. My wife is hoping to find out more details of the crash that killed her uncle in WW2. He crashed his Blenheim on overshooting the runway in bad weather at Thorney Island.Have any of your members ever conducted any sweeps of the airfield perimeter? Any suggestions welcome
Peter Edwards.     pedwards18@btinternet.co