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Solent Metal Detecting Club


  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Solent Metal Detecting Club you can download the application form by going to http://www.solentmdc.co.uk/#mainpage  

 The completed form should then be emailed to secretary.solentmdc@gmail.com

Please note:-

            Membership is limited to the area shown on the map below.

The club currently has a maximum membership of 70. If there are no places available when you apply, your name will be placed on the waiting list.

Request for membership will only be considered if the following information is provided.

            1) Name

            2) Address with post code.

            3) NCMD or FID membership number.  ( if you are already a member of one of these organizations)  *

                 Contact secretary.solentmdc@gmail.com for enquiries about membership.

         Membership will be by referral from an existing member, and will need to be proposed and seconded by other existing members. New members are only accepted if recommended and seconded by an existing member.

         If you do not know anyone in the Solent Club, you may still request membership via email to the secretary, but will be required to proposed and seconded by an existing club member.

                   *   Please note:-  To be considered for membership you must be a member of the Federation of Independent Detectorists ( FID ) or of the National Council for Metal Detectorists ( NCMD ) and have the appropriate insurance that goes with such membership.

        To retain membership of the Solent Metal Detecting Club, members must attend at least four meetings per year. Any member who does not attend at least four meetings without good reason will be removed from the club membership list and will not be able to renew membership for the following year.