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Solent Metal Detecting Club

History of the club

The Solent Metal Detecting Club was formed in April 1983 by a small group of detectorists. An advert was placed in a local paper and 87 people attended the first meeting at Cosham Community Centre. The club  has grown to the club we know today by the enthusiasm and support of that group and subsequent members.
The Solent Metal detecting club consists of a small informal group of enthusiasts who meet monthly. The meeting is held on the second Wednesday of the month commencing at 7.30/8.00pm.

The monthly gathering is very informal. Members bring along 'finds' made during the previous month for general discussion and possible identification and future events are discussed. Visiting speakers and Museum Liaison officers attend at regular intervals. We have no regular club fees except our annual subscription, which is currently set at 10.00. To cover the cost of hiring the room we usually have a raffle. Members are required to join one of the federations (for example FID or NCMD) to obtain insurance coverage and identity cards.

For a small fee, a member of the club is available to give a talk on the hobby to other clubs or associations. This talk includes a slide show, display cases of artefacts recovered, a machine demonstration, a display of associated books and a history of the hobby.

By charging ourselves 4.00 a member each time we search an area of land we are able to make regular donations to the Rosemary Foundation. Also, we have made donations to other charities such as the Hampshire Agricultural Benevolent Fund.

The club in the past has provided Fete activities to give financial support to several charities including Le Court Home for the disabled, Sue Ryder Home - Bordean House, , Titchfield Animal Sanctuary, Froxfield Parish church, High Cross Church, Denmead Youth Club, Foxhollows animal sanctuary, Stubbington Ark and Hawkley Church. Displays have also been provided at Lions Club Havant, Winchester Museum and Portsmouth Museum.

The club relies upon the goodwill of landowners who will allow the club to search land on the provision that payments are made to a local cause or charitable organization. If you support a local worthy cause, have land available for us to search, or know of any landowner who would allow the club to search and would like your organization to receive donations then please contact one of our members, or make contact via this web site.

Further donations have been made from the proceeds of fete stalls and voluntary donations given for the successful recovery of property. We offer a free recovery search service for any personal rings, watches etc or farm machinery items that may have been lost.
Entry in the Rosemary Foundation website,  December 2015

Above, - Entry from the Rosemary Foundation Spring 2012 Newsletter.





We have been supporting charities for many years.

Presenting a cheque to the  Sue Ryder Home, Bordean House 21st February 1993




Our presence at fetes and functions always causes interest.

A Morris Dancer takes a break from dancing to learn about metal detecting . .  .  .  .  .  .  . then gives it a try!




A newspaper cutting of the late Terry Lyndon.