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Solent Metal Detecting Club       Finds

           What have you found?          That is a good question and one that is frequently asked, - particularly when metal detecting on the beach. Well, there are more members of the public walking on the beach than there are in fields! People passing by will ask, - What are you looking for? Found any treasure yet? Any luck? or even, - I've lost keys/a ring/a mobile phone/ have you found it or could you look for it for me?
            So, someone interested in metal detecting or just inquisitive wants to know what it is you are gathering from under the sand. I have put together a collection of typical items found to give some idea of what is lying there just below the surface that a metal detector can detect and a detectorist digs up. The most common items, usually unwanted, are ring pulls, bottle tops, silver paper, tiny fragments of metal ( usually aluminium ), screws, washers, etc   see examples below. What are we looking for? Well, that depends on personal interests. Coins, jewellery, historical artefacts? Usually all of these. Look at the examples below and click on the Page links for more.

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 I you are considering selling your finds on eBay, first take a look at :-

http://pages.ebay.co.uk/buy/guides/antiquities  to make sure it is legal.