Modifications to the arm rest on a Minelab E-Trac                Back to Notice Board


                                                      Your club treasurer says :-

  I have done this modification" on my E-Trac. This may be of interest to other Minelab owners in the Club.

I rapidly removed the “standard” nylon arm strap as soon as I got the detector – it is completely useless!

The remaining plastic arm-piece is too small, the wrong shape, has no gripping surface for the forearm and is widely reported to break after extended use!

I decided to buy the stainless steel arm-piece from E-Bay and then to add some foam grip material (also from E-Bay) to make the result more like the Fisher 1265/6 arm-piece I am used to which is both comfortable and functional with great grip.

The steel item is too expensive in my opinion – around £18 - but I have to say that it is well made and has nice spot welds on the lower surfaces (invisible when fitted). The lower section bears onto the stem of the E-Trac over an adequate area.

A larger headed screw shown is supplied as part of the kit to replace the original and a coin such as a 10 pence piece is all that is needed to install it.

The E-Trac now looks good and feels much more controllable in use - see the following photos.

             The original arm rest.




                 The arm rest kit

                      Fitting the foam.







       Foam stuck and trimmed to fit.

                         The completed modification.


   The new and more comfortable arm rest.