Buying a metal detector 

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There is plenty of advice available on the web for those looking to buying a metal detector.

For a purchase over the Internet , you might like to try one of the following.

Your local Metal detecting Shop Detecnicks is worth a visit for information and advice.


       See the Detecnicks web site at :_

click here for location map


Evergreen Detectors

Sales, Including Golden Mask, Lander, Minelab, Garrett, XP, C-scope and Viking Metal Detectors and accessories, order online for same day despatch.

   See the Evergreen Detectors web site at :-

If you have any dealings with Evergreen Detectors I would appreciate feedback on the service you received.

I've not checked out this website, but give it a try, and let me know what you think.

To buy or hire



If you deal with any of the above metal detector sales organizations I would be pleased to get you opinion of them and any feedback ( good or bad ) on the quality of service and the satisfaction ( or otherwise ) from your purchases. Thanks.


A small bit of advice:-

No matter which detector you buy, you will need to read the manual and try the detector out at home before going to the beach or field to harvest all those historic items.

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"If in doubt, read the instruction manual."


Always read the instruction manual first !  Happy hunting.