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Solent Metal Detecting Club News. Archive of meetings and activities during 2016

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Solent Metal Detecting Club April 13th 2016 Meeting.

Five new members were proposed, seconded and accepted into the club. This included one junior member.

  Facebook page access The Chairman reminded the meeting about the Email address required to join the Facebook page is the one that you used to open your Facebook account and to ensure that you email solentmdc@gmail with this to get the invite to join. The meeting was told  that we have 30 of the current total of members taking part in this and would encourage more to join if they can.

.A reminder to all members affiliated to NCMD was given to update their new membership number with the club please.

 The Chairman announced changes to the Solent MDC Website The website author and admin has been working on giving access for Android and Apple phones and tablets and said that he is asking what information the members would like to see on this. At present the Digs List, the farm maps and any recent club announcements are posted. Please note that these pages require you password. If you don't know it, - ask. .If you go to there is a link for Androids, iPhones & iPads which will take you to

Club Farm Availability List on Website and Facebook and hard copies were available at the meeting. Chairman explained that it is that time of the year when farm availability is somewhat lean due to crops and lambing,. A number of farms will be unavailable until this period comes to an end.

Also announced that there have been a few recent changes to the farm maps for three of our farms. Please ensure that you print them off before you go to one of these farms when available in future.

Club Rules Review. The Chairman asked if members would please look at the rules and if anyone has any suggestions for changes please email them to the Secretary at

 Requests for finding lost property None were received.

Any other Business. There was no other business.

The annual financial audit was carried out by the committee. The report to be issued later.

Next Meeting will be on Wednesday May 11th, it is hoped that Katie Hinds the FLO will be attending this meeting.


Wednesday 13th January 2016.  Club monthly meeting.   Annual General Meeting.

Chairman's introduction,

     Members were reminded that they have to sign in when at meetings, both the RNA Club book, and the Solent MDC sheet.

     The Chairman welcomed 6 new members who were at the meeting.

     During 2015 we had the maximum of 50 members. There were some vacancies for 2016 due to some members not renewing and we have taken on 9 new members, - 6 of whom were present at the meeting.

     Due to cuts in the PAS funding our FLO will only be able to attend every third meeting. Her next visit will be at the February meeting.

     We held a raffle at every meeting during 2015 and this continues to bring in funding for the club.

    Charity fund:-  There was a reduction in the charity fund income due to less members attending the farm digs, however, at the Christmas fayre 2015 the club present a cheque for 500 to the Rosemary Foundation. We have received a letter of thanks and the event has been included in the Foundation Website along with a photo of the presentation.

     Chairman's resignation. The chairman reminded members that he has now completed his one year in office and would be resigning at this AGM.

     Secretary's resignation. The secretary, having completed 5 years in office will also be resigning as of this AGM.

    Treasurer's Report,-  The treasurer presented the end of year accounts. These are available for viewing on the Members Only page of the website,

     The club held the usual Christmas Dinner. This year it was at the Langbrook Farm Inn in Havant. 23 people attended. The occasion was enjoyed by all who attended.

                                              Formal AGM business

Apologies for absence, none.

Chairman's report.  as above.

Treasurer's report, as above.

Election of committee:-

              The treasurer agreed to continue in office during 2016. A new committee was appointed, the first meeting to be held during the next monthly meeting.

Request to change the club rules. It was proposed and agreed by the membership present that the maximum membership would be increased for the present 50,  to 70.

Members were reminded that they could now renew there membership for 2016 on presentation of there membership cards and their FID/NCMD insurance card.

                                         End of Formal AGM business




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